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Year 11 Revision

It is essential that over the coming weeks, all Year 11 students are engaged in a programme of structured revision. Click here for resources and further guidance.†

pdfYear 11 Booster and Revision Sessions

pdfRevision Booklet Year 11 2016

pdfMore Revision Methods

pdfRevision Planner 2016

pdfThe Friary School Revision Guide Letter 2016


Transport changes after Easter from 11th April 2016

Service 105

This service will now be operated by Solus. There is a slight adjustment to the route timetable.

pdf Service 105 Handsacre Longdon -Timetable from 11/04/16

Service 101

Service 101 is being replaced by service 812. This service will be operated by Midland Classic and will run from Worthington Road Fradley Playground area.

Service L1

This service is being de-commissioned and will be replaced by the service 812 for pupils who travel from Walsall Road and Victoria Place.

pdfService 810 812 Timetable and route description from 11/04/16
pdfMIDLAND CLASSIC SERVICE 812 Internal Timetable

Service 819

This is a new service operated by Midland Classic. This service is for pupils travelling from Hill Ridware and Handsacre.

pdfService 819 820 821 822 823 Timetable and route description from 11/04/16
pdfMIDLAND CLASSIC SERVICE 819 Internal Timetable

Service 810

There are no changes to this service.

Lichfield Circular buses 20, 21, 22 and 23 have now been renumbered to 820, 821, 822 and 823. Please see pdf timetable.

For further enquiries relating to any of the above services please telephone:

Midland Classic:- 01283 500228 for services 810, 812 and 819
Solus:- 01827 51736 for service 105
Pupil Transport:- 01785 276738 for all general enquiries.


Message from ParentPay

"All parents will need to use a verified email address as a username - where required parents are now being prompted on login to make necessary changes. We have prepared some guidance you can use to support parents with this change - click here"


Milk Really Is Good For You!

The school has been awarded a £500 bonus prize as part of a national promotion where students entered a competition to win Beats headphones. The promotion was run by Pritchitts who produce the Viva Milk cartons sold in our canteen.

pdfRead the full press release here


Cashless Catering is here!

We are pleased to announce that we have now introduced a cashless system in school. To begin with we will use the system for all food purchased in school. The new system will help us to develop a more efficient and faster service. We hope that parents will also find it convenient. Many parents and carers may well be familiar with the system from primary school.

Please click here for full information.


Extra-Curricular Activities

pdfExtra-curricular Activities Spring Term 2016


Home Learning Assignment Schedule

Please click here to view the schedule for Years 7, 8 and 9 and access the assignments.

The Key Stage 4 homework timetable can be found†pdfhere.


PiXL Student Revision Website Login Link


Remote Access

New remote access system now available for use.

pdfRDS Remote Access
pdfRDS Remote Access - Win8+10 Users


Rewards Tariffs

Click here to see the list of rewards on offer and how many honours you need to get for each item.

School Uniform

Please see our new school uniform guide.
pdfUniform 2014