Dear Parents/Carers,

Y7 Parents’ Consultation Evening – Thursday 11th May

The Y7 Parents’ Consultation Evening for this year will be held on Thursday 11th. This is an opportunity for you to receive feedback from each of your child’s subject teachers on their academic progress.

Over the next week, staff will be making appointments with your child via their school planner. There is a space on P19 of your child’s school planners to record the time, teacher and location of each appointment.

Appointments are given in 5 minute slots and are available from 4.30 – 7.30pm. Please feel free to specify a time slot that you will be available for on this evening and staff will do their best to accommodate you in this time period. You are welcome to bring your child to this discussion, if you think it is appropriate.

I will be available during the evening to discuss any concerns you have about your child’s overall academic progress. Please let me know in advance if you wish to book an appointment to speak to me and I will allocate you a time slot.

If you are not able to attend, please inform your child’s form tutor of this via their school planner.

Yours faithfully,

Mrs S Male

Y7 Achievement Co-ordinator