Dear Parent / Guardian,


I am writing to you to outline the leaving arrangements for your child as they end their Year 11 studies and sit their final exams.

Leaving Date:

Historically the school has told the children they are leaving on the day then sent them home. As a parent myself, I would rather things be clear and have the opportunity to make arrangements to supervise and support my child on home study.

Consequently, we have decided that your child will end their final day at school on Wednesday 24th May. This is a good option as it is amidst some big exams and falls well into the sequence of the day itself.

This will mean that the final three days of this half-term will see:

Wednesday 24th May
AM Normal Lessons
PM GCSE Science(s) Exam (All students)

Thursday 25th May
AM GCSE Maths Exam (All students)
PM GCSE PE Exam (Some students)
PM English Literature Revision Classes (Optional)

Friday 26th May
AM GCSE English Literature – Prose & Poetry (All students)
PM Geography Revision Classes (Optional)

Exam Support:

We are using the final days until Wednesday 24th May to focus on exam technique this site, go over key content and give out extra revision and support materials. This is so that students have full readiness for the exams and are also prepped to deal with those exams that come after the half-term break.

We will continue to offer support after Wednesday 24th May so every child can be assured that their teacher is available right up until the final Physics exam on Wednesday 21st June.

After half-term all Y11 lessons will run up until the final exam for that subject though attendance is purely voluntary. If your child does come in for their class then we would only ask they sign in and out at reception.

We will also be running Saturday School support up until Saturday 17th June and we will soon be releasing a May School programme to offer more voluntary sessions.

Home Study:

Fortunately, the Year 11 exams are split by the half-term break which gives nine full days for your child to revise hard and plan for their later exams. Also, remember that after half-term your child need only come in for their exams and may then go home and revise to their own schedule. This means that Study Leave effectively runs from Wednesday 24th May to Wednesday 21st June.

If you and/or your child needs any guidance to help with revision then please visit the school website for full information:

Attendance & Standards:

Every parent will know that school attendance is mandatory and we fully expect every child to be in school up until the final Wednesday 24th May.

We work hard to set up positive events and rewards to encourage students to stay focused till the end – such as our Leavers’ Assembly and our Prom – and good attendance is just as important as good behaviour and conduct.

We encourage all students to maintain those high standards right until their leave date and they well appreciate that their involvement in those positive events and rewards totally depends on them delivering.

We are hopeful that all students wishing to celebrate at post-exam events can attend but this will sadly not happen for those that let things slip. Just like the world of work, there are consequences – school is no different.

After half-term we will send out invites to students to our Leavers’ Assembly on Friday 23rd June which will include food, performances, videos and speeches.

Equally, the School Prom is a big reward for a school to run and we have to be confident that those attending respect the school’s role and authority in managing the event. Some schools do not stage Proms at all, but we value the celebration. Even so, any reward is for those that earn it – not for those who simply want it.

Thanks to Parents:

This is a challenging time for students and teachers – but we appreciate it can be tough at home for you too. When our children sit exams we want to strike the balance between encouraging and laying off, rewarding and laying down the rules. It is tough to get it right and so we thank all parents who we know are walking their own tightrope at this time.

We all hope that for every child the GCSE Results Day is a personal success and rest assured everyone in school is doing all we can to make this happen.

Yours sincerely,

Mr Matt Allman