The school library is a key part of life at The Friary School – whether it be reading for pleasure or researching online, or exploring text-books or catching up on a Home Learning Assignment.

Accelerated Readeraccelerated-reader

Accelerated Reader is a powerful tool for monitoring and managing independent reading practice while promoting reading for pleasure.

All KS3 students engage with this programme and the test and quizzes on the books can be accessed here.

Resource Catalogue

Our School Library is a rich source of subject texts and other resources which are a fantastic support to every child’s learning. The Library is now open from 8.30am until 4.30pm Monday to Friday.

All students benefit from a comprehensive learning programme that develops study skills and equips them to work independently.

The Resources Catalogue is available to you here.

School Librarian

The school librarian is Mrs Helena Cresswell and she can be contacted directly via email at