• Superstar Academy’s Super Success!

    Superstar Academy’s Super Success!

    Over the course of the Spring Term a super-enthusiastic group of students took part in a course run by Superstar Academy ( They developed their skills in acting, singing, dance, presenting and DJ-ing – though most importantly they had a great time. Rachel White, the course tutor, was really impressed […]

  • Parent Governor Vacancy

    Parent Governor Vacancy

    The school has a vacancy on the Governing Body for a new parent governor and welcomes nomination forms from any parents ready to make this commitment. The electoral process is outlined in the attached paperwork – which has already gone out to all parents – and as well as coming […]

  • School Refurbishment Rolls On

    School Refurbishment Rolls On

    The significant improvements to the school site have attracted huge amounts of praise from students, staff and parents and this Easter break is seeing the latest improvements rolling out. The new Sixth Form Centre, new Student Support facility, redecorated classrooms, new Learning Hub, spruced up main lobbies, modernised main school […]

  • Easter School

    Easter School

    Our Easter School is up-and-running and sees revision and booster sessions, as well as private study facilities, are due to run through the Easter Holidays. All Y11s-Y13s have received a schedule for the sessions which target exam skills, revision and boosting confidence. The Easter School is already supported by our […]

  • ‘My Yard’ – Anti-Social Behaviour Advice through Drama

    ‘My Yard’ – Anti-Social Behaviour Advice through Drama

    We were delighted to welcome the ‘My Yard’ theatre project from the Lichfield Garrick on Wednesday 29th March. Friary School students were fortunate enough to watch a live performance of ‘My Yard’ by Therese Collins-Cann. The My Yard theatre project a collaboration between the Lichfield Garrick and the Police and […]

  • Titus Andronicus

    Titus Andronicus

    Sixth Form Performing Arts students put on William Shakespeare’s ‘Titus Andronicus’ as part of their Sixth Form course and played to an enthusiastic audience of students and parents. The play is set during the latter days of the Roman Empire and tells the fictional story of Titus, a general in […]

  • Focus Week – World Theatre Day

    Focus Week – World Theatre Day

    World Theatre Day (Monday 27th March) was the driver for our recent Focus Week which saw the excellent Performing Arts provision at the school take centre stage. A week of activities included performances of ‘Snow White’, Spotlight performance to showcase talent at lunch-time, a lunch-time quiz with all-star prizes, special […]

  • Targeted Career Talks to Making Aspirations a Reality

    Targeted Career Talks to Making Aspirations a Reality

    Our Raising Aspirations programme is rolling out a series of targeted careers talks to students who have expressed specific career interests in their questionnaires. The most recent talk saw Y9-Y12 students, who had expressed an aspiration to take on a career in Law, received a targeted talk on what steps […]

  • Sutton Trust Summer School Success

    Sutton Trust Summer School Success

    Alice Kirk, a high-performing Y12 student, has been accepted onto one of the prestigious Sutton Trust Summer School events. The Sutton Trust is a respected educational charity who commission regular research and influence education policy to support all student in getting the best possible outcomes. The Summer Schools give specific […]

  • Primary Schools Hit Independent Research at The Friary

    Primary Schools Hit Independent Research at The Friary

    Local primary schools have been showing off their fine independent research skills in workshops at The Friary over the last few weeks. The schools have included Christ Church, Henry Chadwick, Willows and St Stephen’s amongst others. The sessions have been designed to support students in making the transition into secondary […]

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