• Sixth Form Open Evening

    Sixth Form Open Evening

    Our recent Sixth Form Open Evening was busy and really brought home to all of the us the importance of making the right choice for Sixth Form study. The changes to funding mean that there is no room for error in succeeding in Year 12 as places are not guaranteed […]

  • GCSE History Masterclass Pushes for Top 9-7 Grades

    GCSE History Masterclass Pushes for Top 9-7 Grades

    The after-school booster classes are already well into the swing of things with sessions planned through the year and attendance levels already hitting already hitting the highs. The GCSE History Masterclass was co-ordinated by Miss Gray and targeted top level skills using very different learning styles to keep engagement and […]

  • E-Safety – Don’t Do A Dele Alli !

    E-Safety – Don’t Do A Dele Alli !

    Do you think when you post a photo online that it may come back to haunt you in 10+ years time ? Do you think your current cool look… those thickly stencilled eyebrows… the gangsta jewellery… will be just the image that you want when you go for a job, […]

  • Y10 and Y11 Netball Teams Defeat Cannock Chase School

    Y10 and Y11 Netball Teams Defeat Cannock Chase School

    The Year 11 Netball Team performed superbly to ease out a narrow 13-11 victory over Cannock Chase School. The match was neck-and-neck throughout but the Friary team managed to keep the advantage. The girls fantastic passing and defensive skills, alongside their strong and consistent shooting, were the deciding factors. Elsewhere, […]

  • Parental Advice on Anti-Extremism

    Parental Advice on Anti-Extremism

    We are keen to make parents aware of the work and training that goes on to prevent anti-extremism and radicalisation developing in our school and community. Extremism is defined as the vocal or active opposition to our fundamental values, including democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, and respect and […]

  • University of Wuppertal Internship at The Friary School

    University of Wuppertal Internship at The Friary School

    We have strong ties with the Unviersity of Wuppertal in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, and annually stage internship from German teacher trainees to spend a full term working in an English School. Our first interns were Katharina Spellerberg, Lea Uhlmann and Judith Gärtner they made a fantastic contribution to the school […]

  • Instrumental Feature Evening

    Instrumental Feature Evening

    The first of a series of Instrumental Feature Evenings running through the year took place just before half-term. The performances focused on clarinets and pianos / keyboards with students of all ages taking part and producing some excellent solo and ensemble performances. The evenings are more low-key than the larger […]

  • House Cup Standings

    House Cup Standings

    After the first half-term the House Cup standings have seen a Lazarus-style come-back from Seward House who last year came a distant fourth. The current House point scores are as follows: 1. Seward – 17,701 2. Darwin – 15,915 3. Johnson – 15,233 4. Garrick – 14,329 The House Points are awarded for a […]

  • St Stephen Primary Prepare for Mars Landing

    St Stephen Primary Prepare for Mars Landing

    Year 5 students from St Stephen’s Primary School performed fantastically well in an exciting and challenging Science workshop which prepared them for future space exploration. The students faced a number of ‘out-of-this-world’ missions, including the design of a space buggy to traverse the rocky landscape of Mars, and spent a […]

  • Diwali Celebrations

    Diwali Celebrations

    Our Diwali Focus Week saw special assemblies, musical performances and guests speakers which outlined the purpose of this Hindu ad Sikh festival and made it clear why it was a special time for many students and staff. There were also parallels drawn with other religious faiths and festivals. Some tutor […]


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