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A warm welcome to The Friary School

High achievement through challenge and support for every learner

Our Aims

We want all our students to:
  • take pride in everything they do
  • develop the knowledge, skills and understanding which will prepare them for life
  • develop enquiring, creative minds and enjoy learning – including learning from each other
  • achieve the highest possible standards and qualifications
  • be happy, respectful, healthy and safe
Our dual specialism in sport and the arts plays a key role in our pursuit of these aims. We want all our students to be able to express themselves confidently and perform to the very highest levels. This does not mean that you have to be particularly keen on sport, music, drama, dance and art to succeed and enjoy your time as a Friary pupil, but if you are then you will have plenty of opportunities to shine.

Our young people will be entering a world of work where they will have to adapt readily to change. It is important that we help them to develop as independent, resourceful learners, with the initiative and organisational skills they will need in their further studies and working lives. Above all, we want the Friary pupil to be one who is never afraid to ‘have a go’ at something, no matter how challenging it might at first appear.

To help our students achieve the very best they can, and in keeping with our mission statement we set ambitious academic targets. At the same time, it is important that they develop into young adults as compassionate and caring members of their community and we set great store by developing personal qualities in addition to subject knowledge. Social, moral, spiritual and cultural development is at the core of all we do.

Visitors to The Friary frequently compliment us on the friendly, calm and purposeful atmosphere. Parents are always welcome, and that partnership with parents is vital to our success as a learning community.

We are proud of our roots in this city’s rich history and our contribution to its thriving culture. The Latin motto on our school badge, ‘Inservi Deo et Laetare’ (‘serve God and be cheerful’) is one we share proudly with the cathedral. It links us to the past and is an appropriate summary of the way we encourage all pupils to develop their individual talents for the benefit of all and, above all, to always think positively about themselves and others.

For more detailed information about the school please take a look at our prospectus, which you will also find on this website.

David Lister