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Dear Parents / Guardians,

I am delighted to write to you to introduce myself as the new Headteacher at The Friary School and to express how pleased I am to be working alongside you to help your child fulfil their potential.

Certainly, the school is in a strong position after some fantastic exam results this summer and as an outsider looking in on results day it was impossible not to be impressed. The 5 A*-C with English & Maths came in at 69%, our Progress Score was positive and a string of top A-Level results saw students taking up a wide range of post-18 placements including Russell Group universities, higher-level apprenticeships, specialist courses and full-time employment. Living locally and as a parent myself, we are bombarded with images and tales of this school doing this, and this school doing that, but it is clear that when it comes to results The Friary delivers with the very best of them.

Having been appointed early last term, the preparation for this first week began some time ago and we felt it was important to bring in a new momentum right from the off. The ‘holiday’ saw a hectic refurbishment programme that has seen the construction of our Learning Hub which supports GCSE students who need extra backing and time to get over the line. Elsewhere, the Sixth Form Study Centre has had a total overhaul and now stands out as a state-of-the-art study base in the local area.

My first ‘proper’ week has been hectic, hard work, but tremendous fun and has literally gone from Burmese pythons to A38 road blocks, and TV game show prizes to step-overs on the football field - the everyday life of a Headteacher. Even so, my highlight was the Wednesday when I got to meet every student in the school through a series of assemblies - right from the shiny and new Year 7s to the young adults entering the home run of their A-Level courses.

We have emphasised that we do have a superb school with huge potential to go even further. We have emphasised that every lesson counts, that time is short and that it is important to deliver. We have emphasised responsibility to ourselves, our families and our school to be the best we can be - and I have emphasised my responsibility to every student to make sure the school delivers on providing the very best education that we can.

I am sure I will get to meet you face-to-face through the school year and I will keep you informed how our school is developing as the world of education continues to change around us. Even so, rest assured that whatever the changes out there, we will be giving 100% here.

Yours faithfully,

Mr Matt Allman