Extra-Curricular Programme Spring term 2017

The Friary School is committed to providing a wide range of high-quality extra-curricular activities which are designed to challenge and motivate all of our students in ways that stretch beyond the mainstream, lesson-by-lesson curriculum.

This includes a wide range of sports team and performing arts productions, as well as extended support through the week and on Saturdays in terms of exam boosters and interventions.

Termly Schedule

Even so, there are also a wide range of clubs and sessions throughout each term and the current schedule sees:

Day Lunch After-School
Monday Boys Football – Field (Y7)

Handball – (Y11 GCSE PE)

Salsa Ensemble – Music (Y7-13)

Manda Club – W1 (Y7-13)

* Premier Education – Archery (Y7-9)

* Premier Education – Fencing (Y7-9)

Netball – Sports Hall (Y9-13)

Swimming Club  (All)

Football Fixtures (Y7-10)

Rock Band Coaching – Music *Y7-13)

Lower School Production Rehearsals (Y7-9)

Tuesday Rugby – Field (Y7-8)

Netball – Sports Hall (Y9-13)

Senior Choir – Music (Y10-13)

* Superstar Academy – Drama (Y7-9)

Netball – Sports Hall (Y7-8)

Handball Fixtures

Duke of Edinburgh Award – T10 (Y10)

Wednesday Rugby – Field (Y7-8)

Shout It Out – Music (Y7-9)

Basketball Club / Fixtures – Sports Hall (All)

Girls Football (Y7-8)

Handball Fixtures

Jazz Band – Music (Y10-13)

Lower School Production Rehearsals (Y7-9)

Homework Club – Library (Y7)

Thursday Chamber Orchestra – Music (All)

Clarinet Ensemble – Music (All)

Girls Hockey – Astro (All)

Boys Hockey – Astro (Y7)

Aerobic Club – Dance Studio (All)

Badminton Club – Sports Hall (All)

Handball Fixtures

Composition Clinic – Music (Y10-13)

Lower School Production Rehearsals (Y7-9)

Friday Table Tennis Club – Sports Hall (All)

GCSE PE Rugby (Y11)

Concert Band – Music (All)

* Premier Education – Cheerleading (Y7-9)

Boys Hockey – Astro (Y8-11)

Trampolining Club – Sports Hall (Y10-11)

All * clubs / sessions are provided by an external providers and have a weekly charge – see linked letters at the bottom of this webpage.

Saturday School

Saturday School runs from 9.30-11.30 between March – June and, though it focuses on those students facing summer exams, is an option for any student wishing to conduct private study.

The sessions are voluntary – though occasionally parents may be contacted to ensure their child attends – and they are non-uniform.

All student must sign in in the Library before going to their sessions.

Further Information:

For more information about the Extra-Curricular provision, please contact Oli Forster, Assistant Headteacher, via office@friaryschool.com.