Governance at The Friary School

The Governing Body:

The Governing Body at The Friary School consists of:

LEA Governor:
Mrs Maureen Woodcock MBE 15/09/19 Outcomes / SEND / Pupil Premium
Parent Governors:
Mr Philip Burke

Mrs Jo Hutchison

Mrs Jane Mackenzie

Mrs Rachael Taylor





Co-Opted Governors:
Mr Gary Beddow

Mrs Anne Carlisle

Mr Jamie Checkland


Mrs Michelle Painter

Mr Andrew Smith

Mrs Nina Worrall









Teaching, Learning & Assessment

Chair of Governors / Safeguarding / Personal Development, Behaviour & Welfare



16-19 Programmes

Staff Governors:
Mr Matt Allman

Miss Angie Lake





Clerk to the Governors:
Mrs Lisa Pratt      N/A


The Governing Body has gone through formal reconstitution and membership is currently full.

No governors have any business interests which represent a conflict of interest with their duties as a governor at the school.


Governors Meetings:

All governors have voting rights at the Full Governors Meeting Committees.


Full Governors:

The Governors meet on a monthly basis as a full group to lead and evaluate school improvement.


Focus Team Meetings:

The Governing Body is broken down into Focus Teams to address key priorities and lead developmental areas for the school. These include: (i) Leadership & Management; (ii) Pupil Outcomes; (iii) Personal Development, Behaviour & Welfare; (iv) Teaching, Learning & Assessment; (v) Sixth Form; (vi) SEND / Safeguarding; (vii) Finance, Budget & Curriculum; and (viii) Academisation.

There is also a termly Policy & Procedures Committee which reviews governor processes, policies and communication.


Governors Disciplinary Panel:

This half-termly group meets with students and their parents/carers in order to address issues of concern relating to achievement, behaviour and/or attendance.


Further Information:

The relevant documentation pertaining to the Governor Meetings is available on request from the school via Lisa Pratt, Clerk to the Governors.

Also, the Instrument of Government for the Governing Body is in place and is available on request from the school via Lisa Pratt, Clerk to the Governors.

Furthermore, the Register of Interests of the Headteacher and Governors and is available on request from the school via Lisa Pratt, Clerk to the Governors.

Finally, the individual attendance records for the governing body are here.


Governor Resource Area:

The governor’s resource area can be found by logging into the school network via Remote Access here.