Revision Guidance

Each subject area will offer specific guidance on revision materials and these will be supplemented by scheduled boosters and revision sessions throughout the school year.


The following websites have been judged amongst the strongest to use for GCSE revision:


  • Revision App
  • Revision Buddies
  • Gojimo
  • iMindMap
  • GCSE Maths: Revision Questions
  • Exam Countdown

Saturday School:

Saturday School runs between March and June each Saturday between 10.00am-12.00pm and has subject boosters and revision sessions from across all GCSE and A-Level subject areas.

Saturday School requires no school uniform, offers free hot drinks and is totally free.

Revision Strategies:

 The following general revision strategies are useful for all subject areas:

  • Mind Maps
  • Column Charts
  • Revision Cards
  • Q&A Cards

There is guidance on how you can use these strategies on the following link.

The following resources also offer you structure and guidance in your exam revision: