The Friary School believes that ‘student voice’ needs to be at the heart of the school and we have a responsibility to allow students to thrive in speaking up, speaking out and helping our school become an ‘outstanding’ one.

Students can ‘voice’ their views in a range of contexts; whether it be student-led assemblies or charity work, tutor time presentations or parents’ evenings, community events or primary school sessions, as peer mentors or during the numerous Focus Week activities, or in peer / self-assessment or in their daily lessons.

A key structure for Student Leadership is our School Council who have an important role in forming ideas, making suggestions and driving improvements.

The Senior Student Leads in the Sixth Form are:

Head Boy – Jack Askew                       Head Girl – Olivia Weir

Deputy Head Boy / Anti-Bullying Ambassador – Jack Robinson

Deputy Head Girl / Anti-Bullying Ambassador – Rebecca Cundill

Charities Co-Ordinators – Millie Hopcutt, Jenny Deakin, Beth Goddard & Keian Bernard

Senior Librarian – Elisha Mottershead

Event Co-Ordinators – Ellie Wayne, Laura Baker, Georgia Quinn & Macy Painter

Chairs of School Council – Skylah Eames, Alex Gunn & Ellie Upton-Loach

Senior House Leads – Anna Roberts, Natalia Edwards, Maizie Danks, Emily Yates, Molly Roche-Allen, Georgia Hill, David Price & Megan Dudley

The House Captains are:

Darwin House – Tia Phillips (House Captain) / Evie Hulme (Vice-Captain)

Garrick House – Kaitlin Hodgson (House Captain) / Myles Thain (Vice-Captain)

Johnson House – Amy Cundill (House Captain) / Steph Tovey (Vice-Captain)

Seward House – Noah Rhodes (House Captain) / Erin Fry (Vice-Captain)

Additionally, each House has a House Council which contains representatives from each House tutor group and feeds into the School Council.

If you wish to receive further information about Student Leadership at our school, then please contact Mr Mark Drury (Assistant Headteacher) via school reception (Tel 01543 267 400).