The Friary School believes that ‘student voice’ needs to be at the heart of the school and we have a responsibility to allow students to thrive in speaking up, speaking out and helping our school become an ‘outstanding’ one.

Students can ‘voice’ their views in a range of contexts; whether it be student-led assemblies or charity work, tutor time presentations or parents’ evenings, community events or primary school sessions, as peer mentors or during the numerous Focus Week activities, or in peer / self-assessment or in their daily lessons.

A key structure for Student Leadership is our School Council who have an important role in forming ideas, making suggestions and driving improvements.

The Senior Student Leads in the Sixth Form are:

Head Boy – James Wilson                               Head Girl – Katie Wilson

Deputy Senior Students – Peter Lyons & Savannah Sturridge

Charities Coordinators – Aimee Rigby, Maria Puchala-Verney & Nina Beddoe

Senior Librarian – Stella Welfare

Events Coordinators – Beth McCormick, Ellen Knight & Heidi Wright

Chairs of the School Council – Maisie Geobey & Chloe Britton


Additionally, each year group has a Year Council which is chaired by Sixth Form students and the (*) students represent the year group at the School Council:


Year 7 Council:                                                                        Year 8 Council:

Sixth Form Leads – Maisie Geobey & Chloe Britton       Sixth Form Leads – Heidi Wright & Ellen Knight

7A – Caitlyn Wright & Lucas Wilshaw                               8A – Georgia Morris & Jacob Llewellyn-Allsopp

7E – Emily Turner & Owen Stothert                                   8E – Harry Phillips & Grace McCue*

7H – Elliot Fox* & Sophie Hogg                                         8H – Bethan Housley & Lucas Clements

7O – Dayton Bland & Imogen Fernihough                       8 O – Lily Morgan & Callum Gair*

7P – Ethan Hill-Breese & Tammy Williams                      8P – Lauren Pates & Connor Forbes

7S – Freya Taylor* & Chris Bennett                                  8S – Ellen Khan & Harry O’Donnell

7W – Artie Jamieson & Stephanie Tovey                         8W – Dylan Wynne & Matthew Wright

7Y – Megan Jones & Isaac Gartshore                               8Y – Layla Boden & Erin Fry


Year 9 Council:                                                                    Year 10 Council:

Sixth Form Leads – James Wilson & Katie Wilson      Sixth Form Leads – Nina Beddoe & Amy Rigby

9A – Panashe Makokowe* & Hollie Clachan                 10A – Tegan Clarkson, Katie Hayward & Beth Rigby

9E – Sam Ford & Connor Payne                                      10E – Isabella Acton, Niall Preston & Harriet Rumsey

9H – Warwick Smith & Ellie Barnett*                             10H – Kyle Broadhurst & Matthew King

9O – Holly Rice & Joshua Allen                                       10O – Oliver Barnard & Dillon Morehead

9P – Adam Leeson & Lydia Hudson                               10P – Annie Russen* & Callum Babel

9W – James Mackenzie & Harriet Turner                     10W – Noah Rhodes* & Shona Slowley

9Y – Jack Hulme & Nell Luffman                                   10Y – Carla Joint & Daniel Sutton


Year 11 Council:

Sixth Form Leads – Stella Welfare and Beth McCormick

9A – Chelsea Parker & Brennan Downes

9E – Amelia Earle, Lucy Budding & David Morris-Samuels*

9H – Emma Stonehouse* & Manolis Roberts

9O – Gracie Carter-Jones & Dionne Hewkin

9P – Jodie-Mae Willets & Summer May

9S – Isobel Duignan & Rebecca Sykes

9W – Megan Gardner & Max Stretton

9Y – Sam Locock & Taryn Hogan


If you wish to receive further information about Student Leadership at our school, then please contact Mrs Carrie Cain (Assistant Headteacher) via school reception (Tel 01543 267 400).