Staffordshire County Council’s Safeguarding Team have drawn out attention to a project between O2 and the NSPCC to equip parents to check and protect their children online.

The advice details that:

  • The NSPCC are currently working closely together with O2 to provide the most up to date and effective advice.
  • O2 have a helpline which parents can call to ask advice on all aspects of parental controls on devices. (The number can be found on the attached link)
  • A parent can go into any O2 store and ask them to help them to set parental controls on their child’s device and they will gladly do this for free.
  • O2 can help protect your child on all types of device; whether it be mobiles, tablets or gaming machines, such as X-Box or Playstation.

Further information about the O2 / NSPCC partnership can reviewed here.

Matt Allman, Headteacher, said: “We take E-Safety very seriously with our students as it is a real and ever-changing threat to their well-being. This partnership offers parents a chance to get themselves in a position to be well-informed and proactive in protecting their child online and we would wholeheartedly recommend families looking into it.”