Swift on the heels of the Year 9 Partnership Evening came the Year 8 one and, though some messages remained the same, the emphasis was suitably different.

In many schools, Year 8 can be a missed year – not the shiny newness of Year 7s, and not the threshold of GCSE of Year 9s. This evening was about setting our Year 8s above the norm and looked at home learning in English and Maths, boys engagement, how to get reading on the agenda, and the importance of French as an E-Bacc subject.

All the evidence shows that Year 8 are a very bright Year group and have every chance of getting some fantastic exams results in Summer 2023.

Lottie Hearn, Assistant Headteacher, said: “Amidst grim weather conditions and the start of dark nights, we were delighted to see well over 100 parents come in to share in the plans we have to help their children succeed in their studies. We are very much a school that goes for every possible gain for every child and making sure we can help parents to play their part is a big drive from us. We are fortunate to have pro-active parents and this evening was about empowering them amidst the ever-changing world of education.”

Y8 Partnership Evening – Main