Due to the current situation, Johnson House Week had to be organised in a slightly different way this year. However, the children’s dedication to supporting the House charity and their generosity remains unchanged.

Johnson House continue to raise money for St Giles, their chosen House charity, and managed to garner an excellent response. We currently seem to be in a ‘cashless society’ so we wanted to allow an opportunity for students and their families to donate money via ParentPay. This has been incredibly successful, raising over £100 so far.

In order to maintain social distancing measures, activities have been organised in bubble zones, with each Year group having an opportunity to participate in the activities across the week.

There was the return of the ‘Big Johnson Raffle’ with first prize being a Blitz electric bike! This has been hugely popular and the winner will be announced on our return after the half-term break.

Elsewhere, there was the classic “How many sweets are in the jar?” – and one lucky winner will be taking home a sugary collection of goodness! Another fundraiser we brought in this year was to sell purple facemasks. Purple is Johnson’s House colour and the facemasks have helped students remain safe in crowded areas and when they are getting on public transport.

Another popular activity this year that was new this year was the ‘Penny Wars’. This allowed students to donate any loose change but also sparked some rivalry between the Houses. Each House had its own jar with copper coins being worth more than silver coins. As the week has progressed, these jars have been harder and harder to move around the school simply due to the sheer weight that they have accumulated. Unfortunately, the jars for Seward and Garrick are scarce, though Darwin and Johnson are fighting it out for the top spot!

Vicki Plested, Head of Johnson House, said: “Given the current climate we are in, the students have thrown themselves fully, but safely, in to the week and have helped to raise awareness of St Giles and the work they do, whilst also helping to raise money. We are honoured as a House to represent St Giles in the school and I have been so proud of the students for their participation this week.”