The Friary School is now registered as a TOTUM school (National Union of Students). This means that students can apply for a card if they are studying with us in the Sixth Form. The card is only available to students aged 16 or over.

The card offers a wide range if discounts covering areas as diverse as fashion to Health & Fitness, Beauty to Music & Technology, and Supermarkets to Travel. The full list of discounts can be viewed here.

Friary students can apply to buy a card here. When applying, students will be able to verify their card by selecting our place of study on the application and then entering their school email address.

This discount card is a national scheme – used at university as well – and  sits alongside the Friary Sixth Form Perks Discount Card that is already available. Full details on this card can be seen here.

Carrie Cain, Assistant Headteacher, said: “We are always keen to give our students all the opportunities we can and obtaining a TOTUM Card is a real plus despite the COVID restrictions that are limiting options at the moment. It is a facility students can use for their next few years of study and it will benefit both their, and their parents’ pockets.”