Seward House won the Year 8 House Independent Learning Challenge Quiz courtesy of 8S1 in convincing style.

The winning quiz team consisted of Joshua Douglas-Boisson and Morgan Horne, who earned their tutor group 50 House Points. 8D1 were in second place, with Johnson and Garrick tied for third position.

KS3 tutor groups entered the competition, which saw students using their independent research skills to study the life and execution of Edith Cavell. This was to coincide with ‘Remembrance’ Focus Week.

Students had two weeks to research and prepare and Year 8 were chosen at random as the nominated year group (bubbles and all that). 8S1, 8D1, 8J2 and 8G2 were then pulled out of a hat to represent each house in the quiz.

Could you have done better? Try out the questions below – answers at the bottom!

Questions & Answers

1) Edith Cavell became a nurse after nursing which relative back to health?
2) Cavell was then recruited to run a nursing school abroad. In which European country was this?
3) When the First World War broke out, Cavell’s clinic was taken over by which international humanitarian organisation?
4) Cavell started to treat British and French soldiers. When they recovered, she helped them escape to which neutral country?
5) The Germans arrested Cavell and tried her for treason in front of a special military court. What is the name given to the court which tries military cases?
6) What method did the Germans use to execute Cavell?
7) After the war, Cavell’s body was given a state funeral at which famous London church?
8) The British government used Cavell’s execution to help portray the Germans as barbaric and cruel. What P stands for information shared to promote a particular political cause?
Tiebreaker: How old was Edith Cavell when she died in years, months and days?

ANSWERS: 1) Father, 2) Belgium, 3) Red Cross, 4) Holland, 5) Court Martial, 6) Firing Squad, 7) Westminster Abbey, 8) Propaganda.
Tiebreaker: 49 years, 0 months, 23 days

Mark Drury, Assistant Headteacher, said: “This quiz has many purposes – whether it be encouraging personal research to reflecting on loss, or fostering House spirit or simply the pride in representing your House. The Year 8 students did fantastically well and further such competitions will roll out through the school year. COVID or not,  the House battles go on !”