Last academic year was a year like no other, the like of which we all hope will not be seen again, but we still wanted to acknowledge all of those students who stood out for their attitude, intelligence and commitment.

Despite the trials of lockdown and the uncertainty for most of that time about what exams will be sat and when, our Key Stage 3 and 4 students still amazed us with their hard work, determination and drive for success.

Usually we would have a Prize-Giving Evening to celebrate this success. However, this year we have instead produced a Prize-Giving booklet to be a reminder to all our prize winners of how great they are and how much we think of them.

Mr Baker, Assistant Headteacher, said “It is truly remarkable to see the determination and studiousness of many of our students at the Friary. Not just in the time in school before lockdown but even when it was looking likely that exams may be cancelled, our students still gave it their all. It is testament to them, their wonderful parents and the staff at The Friary who were once again blessed with a fantastic group of young people.”

Matt Allman, Headteacher, added: “We have been thrilled to celebrate those students who shone in Year 11 last year and study in our Sixth Form, but equally it is wonderful to see the talent coming through in the younger years. We expect great things of our students but when you see the bunch in the booklet you’ll understand why.”