The last week of term saw multiple Rewards Breakfasts – featuring bagels and hot chocolates (with frothy cream, marshmallows, etc) – for the students with the most House Points and those with 100% attendance.

We gave the 100% attendance reward for anyone with it, and for those who would have had it if it were not for a COVID isolation – as we felt this was the only fair way to celebrate our fantastic students affected by the pandemic.

The breakfasts were Year specific and zoned – so to maintain our bubbles – and there were huge numbers as Friary students bucked the trend by maintaining excellent attendance despite the trials and tribulations of everyday life.

Ian Rose, Deputy Headteacher, said: “We push hard on attendance because we well understand that no matter how well lessons are taught, how well assessments are prepped for, and how many booster sessions are put on, none of them matter one jot if a child does not attend school. It isn’t about coming in ill, but it is about showing resilience and determination, and it would be wrong if we did not celebrate the efforts of our students, and their parents, who consistently show these qualities.”