We have managed to score recent success in the Rotary Photography Competitions and this year as seen more successes.

This year’s theme was ‘Wild Nature’ and each entrant had to send in three images with a written statement explaining their interpretation of their photo.

Each first place winner received a cash prize and have their work go through to the next round covering the whole of Staffordshire.

In the Senior category we saw Rowan Wilson’s (9S2) ‘Brook’ took first place with the judges’ feedback saying: “The low angle gives a strong impression of the flowing water in the brook, and a shallow depth of field means the background is not sharply in focus, which brings our attention on to the area of water that is in the narrow band of sharp focus. A good well thought out photograph.”

Elsewhere, Kieran Bennett (9J1) took third place.

In the intermediate category we saw Oliver Bridges’ (7J1) landscape also awarded the first prize and the judges’ feedback said: “A striking landscape image with vibrant colours and strong contrast. Placing the horizon at the bottom third emphasises the bold blue sky and is a good composition. This photograph would look great as a framed print on a wall.”

Other awarded included a second place for Alex Meredith (7S1) and third place went to Isabelle Webb (7D1).

Matt Allman, Headteacher, said: “Ms Brickett in the Art Department has struck up strong links with the Rotary and we have scored a string of success in recent years. The current crop of award winners have done fantastically well and show real talent.”