Year 13 Results Day saw lots of reasons to celebrate as two years of A-Level disruption and incredible perseverance against all the odds culminated in a host of well-deserved success stories.

The grades were determined through multiple tests and exams, extensive moderation across subject teams, formal checks by Exam Boards and of course had to be undertaken amidst the chaos caused by COVID. Certainly, the graft and expertise of our teaching team, many of whom are trained examiners, meant there was a very robust process for students to get through.

Nonetheless, there were smiles all around as 95% of university applicants gained their first choice and almost a fifth of students gained high value apprenticeship placements.

High performers included:

Ellen Richardson A*, A*, A*, A*
Toby Morris-Samuels A*, A*, A*, A*
Thomas Hughes A*, A*, A*, A*
Josh Worrall A*, A*, A*, A
Sophie Turner A*, A*, A*, A
Josh Bramall A*, A*, A*, A
Libby Mills A*, A*, Dist*
Hannah Elson A*, A*, A


Elsewhere, those making the greatest progress from GCSE Results Day included:

Louis Caldwell +1.82
Libby Davey +1.78
Brandon O’Brien +1.33
Sam Little +1.27
Warwick Smith +1.23
Georgina Broome +1.18
Megan Gibson +1.15
Aaliyah Purewal +1.10

Carrie Cain, Assistant Headteacher, said: “It is always the individual stories that make a Results Day. Every smile tells a different story: the students who have put their nose to the grindstone each and every day; those who have overcome tough personal hurdles to reach the finish line; and the beaming parents who have backed us every step of the way in helping their child to success.

Matt Allman, Headteacher, added: “This Year 13 cohort achieved Staffordshire’s top ranking GCSE results so the pressure was on for them to match this performance in the Sixth Form. Don’t believe the cynics who crow about easy grades – this group dealt with the toughest of circumstances and we well know if they have sat those traditional exams then they would have shone just the same. The celebrations in so many Lichfield homes this evening have been hard won and well-deserved.”