Our Year 7 students are settling in well and though there were some tears and fretful faces on the Day 1 drop off,; even so, this was the parents so once they’d move on their talented offspring could get down to business.

Last term saw a rushed transition experience as COVID rules made the visits difficult to organise and operate so in the new term we were keen to do something different to help the new Year 7s settle.

They came in earlier than the rest of the school – when most staff were busy on their INSET training – and had a full induction day which included a COVID test, but also some baseline assessment, some practical activities to make friends, a chance to get their magic finger for the canteen, and the opportunity to meet their form group.

The day seemed to go well as there were lots of happy faces and the following day – when the Year 10-13 students joined them went through really well.

Matt Allman, Headteacher, said: “We were thrilled the Years 7 did so well and showed the resilience and positivity that will see them through the next 5-7 years with us. Of course, some find it a little harder than others, and some conceal their worries behind a brave face, but they mixed well, got around the building well, beamed with enthusiasm, and have impressed everyone. They will be the class of 2027 and there seems no reason to think they will not be a bumper crop.”