The school seeks to maintain an open dialogue with parents and local community and seeks to be accessible and responsive to any enquiry which comes in.

In order to communicate effectively with our stakeholders, we operate with the following means of communication:

School Website

The school website is overseen by the Headteacher and regular updates on school events and processes mean that it is kept up-to-date and in line with DfE expectations.

School Twitter

The school Twitter account (@friaryschool) is again overseen by the Headteacher and features regular posts which are seen by around 1,000 followers and related impressions.

School Facebook:

The school Facebook account (@friaryschool) is again overseen by the Headteacher and features regular posts which are seen by numerous parents and the wider community.

School Newsletter

The school newsletter is published on a termly basis and is available via the school website and school reception.

Parental Letters

The school sends out regular letters to parents related to specific events and these are also shared via the school website.

Parental Texts

The school also sends out regular text reminders related to specific events.

Parental Evenings

The school operates Year-specific parent evenings, targeted half-termly Achievement Concern Evening (ACE) Meetings and focused events relating to aspirations, options, UCAS, etc.

Parental Appointments

The school staff regularly meet with parents on individual matters and appointments can be arranged via school reception.

Community Events

The school staff are readily available at a wide range of community events, from visits to primary school to performances at Lichfield Cathedral, business partnership meetings to corporate events, PTA to governor meetings, and on supervision duties at the end of each day.

Further Information

If you require any further information about our means of communication or want to speak to a member of staff, please contact Leisa Hoare, School Receptionist on 01543 267 400 or via