PHSE Focus Weeks

Our PHSE (Personal, Health, Social & Economic Education) programme is integrated into a Focus Week schedule which is an exciting and imaginative scheme designed to combine the teaching of important themes – across a wide range of spiritual, moral, social and cultural topics – alongside a sense of competition, engagement and fun.

The Focus Weeks see a theme being addressed throughout the week via tutor times and assemblies which is then extended by specific events, celebrations and trips. There could be a tutor group competition with fantastic prizes or a student-led assembly presenting the topic, a trip to a related landmark or a special guest talking to students.

Furthermore, specific Focus Weeks will have PHSE Drop Down Days for set Year groups so that age-appropriate PHSE is delivered at set points of the year; whether it be sex and relationships, drugs or online safety.

There is a Focus Week for every week but this year’s half-termly highlights include:

1st Autumn Half-Term

Festival of Ganesh Charturti (Hinduism)
Welcome Back to the House
Learning at The Friary
World Heart Day (Y8 PHSE – Health)
Sexual Health Week (Y10 PHSE – Sexual Health)
World Teacher’s Day
World Animal Day
National Hate Crime Awareness Week

2nd Autumn Half-Term

Anti-Bullying Month (Y7 PHSE – Internet Safety)
White Ribbon Day / International Men’s Day
National Tree Week
Inter-Faith Awareness Week
Anger Awareness Week
House Celebration 1 / Christmas Spirit (Christianity)

1st Spring Half-Term

New Year & New Start – Gantan Sai (Shinto-ism)
Blue Monday / National Hug Day (Y10 PHSE – Mental Health)
British Heroes – Stephen Hawking
Holocaust Memorial Day
Red Hand Day for Child Soldiers
National Apprenticeship Week

2nd Spring Half-Term

Random Acts of Kindness Day
World Book Day
World Wildlife Day
National Careers Week
National No Smoking Day (Y8 PHSE – Drugs)
House Celebration 2 / Easter Reflection (Christianity)

1st Summer Half-Term

English Tourism Week
STD Awareness Week (Y9 PHSE – Sexual Health)
Birmingham Gay Pride
Dementia Awareness Week
Ramadan / House Elections (Islam)
Buddha Day / House Elections (Buddhism)

2nd Summer Half-Term

Refugee Week / House Elections
Summer Solstice / House Elections (Paganism)
Blood Donor Week
NHS Week
Women’s Right to Vote Day
House Celebration 3 / School’s Out

Each of the Focus Weeks are celebrated on our website News Feed and our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts – look out for details…
If you require further information on our Focus Weeks then please contact Mr Luke Baker, Assistant Headteacher, via