Looking to the Summer

The summer term is drawing to a hectic conclusion and though the end of exams bring a respite, the time is used for a long line of activities that provide exciting benefits and opportunities for all year groups.

It could be the Year 12s being out on work experience and with placements this year stretching from Lich Vegas to Las Vegas there is always something to ‘wow’ and impress. Our Humanities subjects have took a lead this half-term with the geographers looking at natural landscapes at Wolseley Bridge and urban regeneration in Derby so they are well prepared for the real-life examples required on Paper 3. Elsewhere, our historians have been on a whistle-stop tour to Wembley Stadium and Kenilworth Castle as they take in their prescribed field visits. Meanwhile, our Y9 linguists have had a 4-day trip to Normandy which took in Mont St Michel, St Malo, local markets, as well as outdoor activities at a chateau.

Beyond this, we have had crazy golf rewards, our Summer Sizzler re-visiting Glastonbury, awesome Year 11 and Year 13 Proms, but sadly our Inflatable Day has had to be postponed until the Autumn Term due to the family business we work with suffering a terrible road accident that temporarily put them out of business: though the students will get an ice-cream van treat to keep them going over the Summer. Certainly, though our thoughts are with the rewards company and we look forward to working with them soon.

Staffing-wise, we’ve had a number of changes which very much reflect the success of the school. A number of excellent staff are moving on to take up promotions elsewhere and, though we recognise this is very much the price of our success, it is still going to leave some big shoes to fill. Thankfully, we have some excellent staff of our own who are stepping up and have made some superb appointments so we are very much fully staffed for 2019-2020.

Looking forward though, the Summer Holidays are very much all systems go. Of course, once the A-Level results arrive in school in mid-August then it is full steam ahead, with GCSEs coming out the following week. There is always a lot to do in searching out university places, securing apprenticeship positions, and making sure students get onto the right courses in our Sixth Form and beyond. The last few summers have seen far more success stories than disappointing shortfalls and we are hopeful the most recent crop of Friary students will get the excellent grades they deserve.

We are also pleased to launch the latest wave in our refurbishment programme that will see the F-rooms rescued, Science and W-corridor rooms refurbished, a new computer room, and security improvements around the site. Both myself and our Business Manager will take it in turns to project manage the work throughout the six weeks and the reward is the thrilled faces when the new term starts.

Being a bit long in the tooth, I can remember when the last weeks of the Summer Term were a breather, but education allows little respite now, and when this time can have such a positive impact, then that is totally fine with our Friary staff.

The terms ends this week, and the site work begins immediately, so we’ll keep you posted through the holiday. Even so, for our students and families who have given so much this year, have a wonderful summer break and come back refreshed and ready to go again in September.

Matt Allman
July 2019