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Revision Guidance

Each subject area will offer specific guidance on revision materials and these will be supplemented by scheduled boosters and revision sessions throughout the school year.

Exam Guidance:

There will be exam guidance given in special assemblies, classes and mock exams throughout the school year but formal regulations can be seen in the following JCQ document:


The following websites have pre-paid access for every student at The Friary and provide specific revision on Maths and Science:

In addition, there is lots of revision guidance available via individual subject areas via our online homework package:

If your child has lost their username / password then you can get it by email via:

The following websites have been judged amongst the strongest to use for GCSE revision:


  • Revision App
  • Revision Buddies
  • Gojimo
  • iMindMap
  • GCSE Maths: Revision Questions
  • Exam Countdown

Saturday School:

Saturday School runs between March and June each Saturday between 10.00am-12.00pm and has subject boosters and revision sessions from across all GCSE and A-Level subject areas.

Saturday School requires no school uniform, offers free hot drinks and is totally free.

Revision Strategies:

 The following general revision strategies are useful for all subject areas:

  • Mind Maps
  • Column Charts
  • Revision Cards
  • Q&A Cards

There is guidance on how you can use these strategies on the following link.

The following resources also offer you structure and guidance in your exam revision:

If you require further information on revision strategies then please contact Mr Jason Cain, Assistant Headteacher, via school reception (Tel 01543 267 400) or via office@friaryschool.co.uk