The following resources may be useful for learners with Special Educational Needs.

Some of the apps may be from the US and may feature different accents / fonts though all have been recommended by Staffordshire County Council.

GCSE English Texts – Dyslexia Friendly Formats

The accessible library is available for those who are visually impaired or find difficulty in accessing
printed books through other conditions; Eg – dyslexic difficulties, etc.

Texts are available in various print styles/sizes, comic strips, play scripts etc. to aid accessibility.

Individuals must become a member to download texts.

There is more guidance available at:

IPad/Android Resources

There are a range of apps specially designed for SEND students and general guidance can be found at:

There are numerous specific apps for specific learning needs and students / parents would be well-advised to try all them of out before settling on those which best suit their learning style:


Apps for iPad (App Store)

Apps for Dyslexic Learners ·         Sound Literacy
·         What Is Dyslexia
·         Dyslexia Quest
·         Happy Math Multiplication Rhymes
·         Phonics with Phonograms
·         Dyseggxia
·         DD’s Dictionary: A Dyslexic Dictionary
Apps for Autistic Learners ·         Sight Words
·         Sequences for Autism
·         See Touch Learn
·         Verbal Me
·         Autism iHelp
·         Autism/DDT Shapes
·         Autism/DDT Letters
·         Speech with Milo
Apps for The Visually Impaired ·         ViA
·         Dragon Dictation
·         Light Detector
·         Color ID
·         Tap Tap See
·         Be My Eyes – Helping Blind See
·         Talking Calculator
·         Access Note
·         Visual Brailler
Apps for Learners with Writing Difficulties


·         The Writing Machine
·         iWrite Words
·         Letter SchoolAlpha Writer
·         ABC Pocket Phonics
·         Word Magic



Apps for Android (Google Play)

Android Apps for Learners with Autism


·         Let Me Talk
·         Speak Quietly
·         Autism
·         Talking Pictures
·         Birdhouse
·         Autism Solutions
·         Aiko and Ego Animation for Autism
·         myVoice Communicator
·         Social Skills for Autism
·         Sesame Street and Autism
·         Speech Assistant AAC
·         Autism Therapy with MITA
Android Apps for Learners with Dyslexia


·         Google Text to Speech
·         Vocab Builder
·         Easy Text to Speech
·         Voice Dream Reader
·         Go Read
·         Eye Games, Dyslexia
·         Dyslexia Redefined
·         Spell 4 You
·         Talk – Text to Voice
·         Learning Ally Audio
·         OCR Instantly Pro
·         Gboard – The Google Keyboard
Android Apps for Vision Impaired Learners


·         Tap Tap See
·         CamFind – Visual Search Engine
·         BeSpecular – Help The Blind
·         NewsSpeak
·         Eye-D – for Visually Impaired
·         Syntha Blind Visually Impaired
·         Big Notes Lite
·         Zeta Keyboard
·         Big Launcher
·         Ray App for Visually Impaired
·         ScanLife Barcode & QR Reader
·         Magnify
·         MessagEase Keyboard

Further Information

Our SEND Policy can be found under School Info – Policies, as can our SEND Local Offer 2020 – 21 document.

For more information about SEND educational technology, please contact Mark Drury, Assistant Headteacher, via