Vision and Values


The Friary School is committed to securing the highest possible standards and retains a relentless focus on providing the best possible experience for students, parents, staff and our community that we possibly can.

Our school Mission Statement reflects this pursuit and outlines our ultimate priority:

“High achievement through challenge and support for every learner.”

Of course, we recognise the importance of exam success, but achievement at our school is far more than simply a high test mark. Achievement could be starring on the stage, proving victorious on the sports field, taking on a student leadership role, or building up firm friendships that last beyond school years.

Additionally, student and staff decided upon our own Friary Ethic – a set of characteristics and moral principles that we believe are crucially important and which should apply to everyone connected to our school:

F is for… Friendship
R is for… Responsibility
I is for… Independence
A is for… Aspiration
R is for… Resilience
Y is for… You

The Friary School seeks to be the best we can be, we are certain we know the route to achieve this, and we expect everyone to buy into this ambition.